wtorek, 18 grudnia 2012

Maria, Ana, Vita

Long time since I've received a postcard with any thoughts about life, but now there are three of them! 

Yesterday I received one from Maria.

"My most important thing:
respect life and enjoy life while you can!"

Maria, Netherlands

And today two - from Anastacia and from Vitalina.

"The most important thing I've learned is to get the best from the life into your own world. When something bad is happening you can find a rescue in your own world"

Anastacia, Bialorus

And something different, but absolutely important from Vita

"I work as a journalist. Unfortunately, in our country to be a real good journalist is almost impossible, because need to be subjected to the system and power. But the are those who try to swim against the current. And it's great! I'm still trying to maintain their position. I think it is important.

Life is beautiful! The main thing is not afraid to look into the unknown!" 

Vitalina, Ukraine